And so passed 30 years

And you said I am an adult now, I would say, so do you.  Thank you, S.

And you said you found a person from whom to learn, I would say, you got her praise, highly.  Thank you T.

And you said you still are waiting for yours, I would say, you are found.  Thank you K.

And you said you have been ignored, I would say, please forgive and the sorrow is mine, Thank you ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.

And you said you have fun, I would say, so do I, and yes, so passed 30 years.

And there comes another in another way.

Thank you all of you.

p.s.  And I must say, I was thinking about two persons who could not be there, and I wonder how much joy we could share.



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8 responses to “And so passed 30 years”

  1. bellocielo says :

    happy birthday? =)

  2. tommyjonk says :


  3. edenlam says :


  4. relgitsjg says :

    ®¥³ß~ john~~~

  5. MMYOYO says :

    Attending your wedding also let me realize that we all have our ways to go…..
    There is no room for sorrow, for we are friends for more than 10 years…..
    but really missed the one who should present in your wedding.

  6. Denise107 says :


  7. fiona_bee says :

    ha! congratulations bo!

  8. KABI_giraffe says :



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