1.      What is the standard of the world?  Do you agree with the standard?

2.      Example: When you are attending a serious classical drama (or concert, or movie, or anyway¡K), you feel boring.  In the midst of the audience, will you just stand up and go?

3.      (My solution [not serious]: before you stand up, shout ¡§Superficial!¡¨, then stand up and go.)


a.           The world requires us to follow their standard.

b.          I have to have my own standard.

c.           I cannot follow my own standard and the world¡¦s standard.  I doom dead.

5.      Questions:

i.            In (a), what is the standard?

ii.          In (a), is there really a standard?  Would there be more than one standard?

iii.        In (a), is that standard really the only standard?  Are we asked or forced to follow that standard?

iv.        In (b), are you sure with your standard?  Is the value really so firm for you to uphold?

v.          In (b), do you really have a standard especially when somebody thinks that ¡§rules are depended on the situation¡¨?

vi.        In (c), is there anyway to compromise with between yours and the world?

vii.      In (c), is there any common ground between the standards of yours and the world?

viii.    In (c), is the difference really that great so that you have to think they cannot both exist?

ix.        In (c), is the result really that serious?  Or you just don’t care?


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