How people in various countries view the theory of evolution 2009/02/05

IT IS 150 years since the publication of Charles Darwin’s theory of
evolution, which suggested that all living things are related and that
everything is ultimately descended from a single common ancestor. This has
troubled many, including Darwin himself, as it subverted ideas of divine
intervention. It is not surprising that the countries least accepting of
evolution today tend to be the most devout. In the most recent international
survey available, only Turkey is less accepting of the theory than America.
Iceland and Denmark are Darwin’s most ardent adherents. Indeed America has
become only slightly more accepting of Darwin’s theory in recent years. In 2008
14% of people polled by Gallup agreed that “man evolved over millions of years”,
up from 9% in 1982.


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  1. relgitsjg says :

    I think if you ask those in the Wall St., the phrase should be “the worst firms survive", it becomes 100% True in US…

  2. hinaaaa says :

    你個profile pic 好得意~nice to meet u =]

  3. Frostig says :

    Too bad that there is no figure for China or Japan (or some other Asian countries). 
    @relgitsjg – Good!  Wahaha. 


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