What you should expect in this new era of Hong Kong?

As I promised, any commentary on Hong Kong politics would be posted in English.


To make sure we have the common language, let me be clear: you would not find anything called CY here. However, there is a So-Appointed Chief Executive in Hong Kong, i.e. SACE. Remember, it is the SACE.


So we are in a new ERA. What should we expect from it?


First the basic line, of course, is to maintain the status quo. The public should see the SACE’s rationality from latest comment on universal suffrage. In an interview, he pointed out that a high threshold for nomination of candidate is needed since a low bar would allow too many candidates, thus resulting a relative low percentage of vote.


The quote just serves as a flashforward on how when Hong Kong will discuss its proposal of 2017 promised-universal suffrage of CE, which hints as a careful choice on who will be allowed to join the race. So, the status quo on “small circle" will be maintained under the illusion of so-called vote from then 8 million people in Hong Kong.


On the same line of thought, Hongkonger should not cast high hope in SACE’s effort of “overthrowing" the “Property Tycoons". In his campaign, this is his main promise is to tackle the high living cost. However, approaching the election day, the lastest version of his platform added that this would happen only when there is a overheating signs in property market. And on Thursday, he claimed that there is no such sign in Hong Kong today.


As concluded by Commentator Mr. Joseph Lian in Hong Kong Economic Journal, the latest CE race was just a struggle between different vested interest “plate". SACE is just a representative of another pack of property tycoons and in-CCP factions. The possibility of this “cast B for old script" theory can be seen in the active participation in cleansing of old pack.


The Kwok family saga turned into the betting chips in this political struggle game. The elder brother Kwok, who nominated Leung, succeeded in inflicting an ICAC investigation against his two younger brothers, who are reported to be Tang’s supporter and, months ago, swept the elder from the director board of the 2nd ranked property company in Hong Kong. While the media were playing the guessing game and trying to play down The acussation against Leung interfering the case before he take the power seat, Ming Pao and Oriental News, two Leung-leaning press, quick turned up with ”exclusive” reports that Leung learnt the case and urged Mr Donald Tsang to file the case through ICAC in the meeting on Wednesday.


So again, what to expect in the new era? Manchurian Candidate cum Empire Strike Back.  And yes, they are old movies actually.


P.S. As I browsed the comment sections of the Economist’s article, I found that some cliche 50 cents arguments such as “if-no-universal-suffrage-in-colonial-time-why-push-Chinese-government". Since English writing 50 cents are still hard to hire in China, they should be called… 5 Yuen.



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2 responses to “What you should expect in this new era of Hong Kong?”

  1. Frostig says :

    5 dollars (RMB)?! Do they worth THAT much?! Ha. The SACE is the most terrible liar I have ever needed to tackle! We need to overthrow this SACE and his ‘power’ behind. White (Red?) horror is here, arriving at the doorstep…… RIP, HK! Be alert, HK-ers! WE NEED UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE!!!

  2. Perennial_Loser says :

    Not necessarily “5-yuans"; there’re many real silly Westerners gleefully carrying with them the “imperialist guilt" and find the PRC a very useful opponent of the evil West.



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