Law or No Law

SACE deserves a new name, the bill runner. Ask a Cantonese speaker and a he or she would tell you it is about a man who placed his order but not pay after he finished his meals.

So he broke several promises but the latest bill ”ran” was the appointment of Fanny Law. Ms Law was one of the several notorious ex-official in the city, especially among the teachers. The former Education Secretary, as one of the pushers of the debated education reforms, was famously quote about a mean comment after several suicide cases of teachers of different levels. This infamous quote cost her office, however, she was appointed again as the head of ICAC by Tung Chee-Wah.

So far, he could still say the promise kept: as Ms Law was appointed as the head of CE elected office till 30th June. This directed of CE office is usually occupied by the younger future Secretaries. Mr Raymond Tam Chi-yuen, Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, and mr. John Tsang, the Financial Secretary had been in this post before they took up the Secretary post. In what sense an woman as ambitious As Ms Regina Ip would take up a post demoted?

Popular comment is that This could be seen as a proof of governing team formation problem proposed by Mr. Jasper Tsang. However, if we could note the latest water testing tactics of SACE, we might see that this might be just a signal of an official appointment of Ms Law — of course to a higher level such as Chief Secretary! It should be noted that the close family tie of Law and Tung family when Mr Henry Fan, Fanny’s brother was appointed by Tung as Member of Executive Council. If SACE’s place can be settled by liaison of Tung, then MS Fan’s appointment should not be surprised. But if that is the case, anyone can tell if there Iis any law to predict what SACE do?


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One response to “Law or No Law”

  1. Frostig says :

    A typo found: Mr. TUNG’s full name should be TUNG Chee-*hwa*, for your reference. Yes, the infamous speech of this cold-blooded Fanny (how can anybody who knows English so well calls herself ‘Fanny’ by the way?! GOSH!!!) is so remarkable that we can never forget…… ‘If the suicides were due to “education reform", then there should have been more than JUST two cases.’ However, facts have proved her RIGHT: there are many more teacher suicidal cases to follow, as the education reform gets more and more serious and vigorous!


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