Battles awaiting after filibusters

The filibuster taken recently in Hong Kong would be the beginning of a great battles between the localists and the pro-Beijings.

On the surface, the feel-good atmosphere among the radical wing, which has never been higher, is so well-justified. Finally, the laziness of Democratic Party exposed by the participation of Mr. Albert Cheng, Labour Party and Civic Party. They found a legitimate reason to demean Democratic Party’s traditional leadership in the Democratic Movement. The mass also well aware of the endangered Rule of Law in Hong Kong.

Also, the interesting yet ugly relation shown among the Liaison Office of Central Government (LOC), DAB and the anti-filibuster demonstrators gave the radical wing another boost. Though it happened that the demonstrators had a support from DAB as shown on their banners and boards, their formulation has great different from the kind under the mobilization of DAB, who are usually middle-aged housewives or eldery. Most of them, teenagers or youth, were portrayed as triad gangs or jobless youth. Evidences shown that they were well paid (though the exposure of such moves was due to the outsourcers took high commission). As the Legco election approaches, this kind of suicidal mistakes would not be taken by the cunning DAB leaders. The coincidence was SACE and his second Fanny Law had visited LOC days before. With the long records of files and speeches with Beijing-centred arrogance, cheap lording-over tactics and ignorance to Hong Kong Middle-class value, another fill-in-the-blanks Hong Kongers would never love to do has to be done. This strengthened the case for the Radical wing by stating a reasoned base for any corresponding radical yet legal opposition activities.

The left-behind JR case also created way to boost the unifying force of the radical wing. The court judged that Mr. Leung Kwok-hung, Longhair, had to pay HKD 200k legal cost. The LSD chairman responded with a fund-raising campaign, of course, with the real need due to their well-known nickname “pauper party". People shall notice that this will be a very good beginning of Crowd-sourcing legal action. It will be a new way for people to participate in new social action. The more opportunities to act, the higher commitment the crowd shall have.

With all these boost, the radical wing shall have every reason to stay happy. It also proved that radical actions indeed now rallying support from the middle voters.  More of such action would be expected.  However, with high price. On the other side, the anxious SACE and LOC had used the taboo way to fight this battle, which implied their stupidity as well as, more importantly, their determination. As explained in the above, it should notice that even among the conservatives, there are also camps on how their power shall extend. SACE and co represent their version of radical, DAB represent the other. The ending of the filibuster drama showed that SACE and co had the upper hand at the moment. This implied that the hardliners, according to their mindset, would take even harder efforts. It will take a rational leader in the central government like Premier Zhou in 1967 to stop such radical ruthless Left movement in Hong Kong. However, with such a chaotic situation in the capital, Hong Konger had to wish for the best.  It takes two hands to clap, what happen for two hot heads?



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One response to “Battles awaiting after filibusters”

  1. fongyun says :

    「radical actions indeed now rallying support from the middle voters」—->你肯定﹖


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