Playlist for Hong Kong today: Pet Shop Boys

看完今天的新聞,想起自己喜愛的Pet Shop Boys幾首歌,想跟各位分享一下。

第一首是Twentieth Century,收錄於2006年的Fundamental。他們的政治意識一直很強,對於二十世紀,他們說有一個教訓想跟大家分享:

Sometimes the solution
Is worse than the problem
Let’s stay together

Well, I bought a ticket to the revolution
And I cheered when the statues fell
Everyone came to destroy what was wicked
But they killed off what was good as well

當然,他們的口中所說的是資本主義社會,肯定不是共產蘇聯。他們認為一個社會日漸富裕有甚麼問題?且聽2009年的Building a wall:

Through the woods, the trees and further on the sea
We lived in the shadow of the war
Sand in the sandwiches wasps in the tea, it was a free country
Who do you think you are, Captain Britain?

I’m building a wall, a fine wall
Not so much to keep you out, more to keep me in

Protection, prevention, detection, detention
There’s nowhere to defect to anymore

I’m leaving the world, it’s all wrong
Not so much what men are doing much more what they’re not.

另外可以聽聽他們如何嘲笑這個時代識字的人。1991年的How can you expect to be taken seriously?

You live within the law, and everyone assumes
You must find this a bore, and try something new
You’re an intellectual giant, an authority
To preach and teach the whole world about ecology
Tell me baby are you gonna make any other claim?
Tell me baby are you gonna take any of the blame?
How can you expect to be taken seriously?


If you’ve done nothing wrong
You’ve got nothing to fear
If you’ve something to hide
You shouldn’t even be here

You’ve had your chance
Now we’ve got the mandate
If you’ve changed your mind
I’m afraid it’s too late

We’re concerned
You’re a threat
You’re not integral
To the project


One world
One life
One chance
One reason

All under
One sky
One season

Bonus track:尊重版權,不能刪剪人家原作的歌曲。講明,我只Recommend頭三十秒。後面唔知點解成首歌都係白字…. 所以,唔准聽晒。LMF難得唔用粗口唱李小龍之後,啲中文仲係咁差。



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